Web Content Writing

The content on your website is one of the most important elements of any website development.  Your content affects the search results and the conversion of your site visitors to becoming prospects.

The purpose of your business website is to allow your site visitors to begin the task of more easily knowing, liking and trusting you. Let’s begin with what should be the main attributes of your website content:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Be honest and factual
  • Be easy to read
  • Have a clear call to action

Keep in mind that marketing or selling online is somewhat different from any other type of marketing or selling.  Studies have shown that online visitors:

  • Scan your web pages instead of reading them
  • Only scroll down after they become truly engaged in the information
  • Expect substance and the answer to their search query
  • Want to be able to contact you easily, to obtain a quote

Our Services:

We can collaborate with you on content development where you give us the raw content and we will write the web copy with appropriate calls to action and insert it on the pages of your website.  We will research the keywords on the topics for you and use them in the copy writing.

If you are too busy to write the content, we will research the topics, discover the related keywords and write unique content for your website.  We have years of experience writing unique web content and we can have access to professional translators if you need a multi language website.

Contact us today at (902) 752-3304 or use our convenient contact form to get a quote on your copy writing requirements.