Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mobile responsive website?


If your present website shows up on a mobile device but can not be easily navigated on a phone or tablet, then you should have a new website that is mobile responsive. Since 70% of Internet users are accessing websites with mobile devices and since Google has changed their search algorithm to display mobile responsive websites in search results, your old website likely will not appear in search quires.

How can I find out if my website is mobile responsive?

You can find out by entering your URL in the space provided on this Google page: https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

Is conversion architecture important for my website?

Yes, because you want visitors to take action when they visit your website. You want visitors to contact you or request a quote for your products or services.

Should Search Engine Marketing be a portion of my website development budget?

Absolutely, a website that cannot be found in the search results for your products and/or services is of no value in growing your business.

What will my website cost?

We build custom websites that will support your present branding or we can develop new branding for you. Website development should be considered an investment in your business since it will be visible 24/7, 365. Our only objective is to get you a return on investment. We can determine the amount of your investment only by undertaking a confidential, Internet Marketing Analysis interview with you, the business owner.

Can a Facebook Business page help grow my business?

We have found that creating Facebook Business pages for clients and using them as marketing pages has helped drive business to their operation and resulted in increased sales. The Facebook Business page complements their website by engaging their potential and existing clients who follow the posts looking for information and special offers.

What will my marketing video cost?

Your branded marketing video, ready for your website or your YouTube channel, will cost $299 Canadian. Please inquire about our YouTube marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

My present website is not responsive, mobile friendly. Should I consider having it optimized for Search Engines (SEO)?

I would not spend a penny on SEO until your website is mobile responsive since Google is now showing mobile responsive sites ahead of traditional websites in their search results.