Search Engine Optimization

Have your website found in the search results

search engine optimizationTo search engines and humans the following has always been and still is true: “content is king”
Where your website or webpage is positioned on Google or other search engines when someone does a search depends on a number of factors. These factors can be considered to be:

  • On page (content on your page that you control)
  • Off page (content off your page that you may or may not control but can possibly influence)
  • In the context of SEO “content” refers to all of the textual information on your website, both what is visible to the reader and what is hidden from visitors but visible to search engines.

Search engines require fresh, informative content from a website owner to direct traffic to a website. They won’t direct traffic to a website that appears to have been mothballed or neglected.  The undeniable trend in content consumption these days is video and YouTube video specifically, with over one trillion views annually.

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