To Frank Tibbetts -AIM Internet Consultants

Maritime Steel and Foundries Limited truly enjoys the benefits and the organizational focus that our new lead generating engine is providing us. The project to initiate the more modern web site went live within the specified timeline and immediately we started receiving some very positive feedback from users about the appearance and usability of the site.

To date, the site generated requests for quotes, exceeds $1M in sales potential resulting in new clients and relationships that suit our company’s diversification strategy.  It adds functionality to our marketing capability by providing global exposure generating inquiries from South Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America.

The biggest change for us is the organizational focus about the site’s performance and our actions towards continuous improvement of the ratings.  We now realize the huge marketing potential available via the internet and our management team reviews the ratings weekly.

The organization is very pleased with the site i.e. the number of hits, the high volume of new visitors,  the quantity of inquiries received to date and most importantly users are finding us.


Ken W. Gillis

Marketing and Sales Manager