My meetings and phone conversations with small and medium sized companies has led me to some interesting conclusions as to how we can grow our economy and provide employment for our college graduates, who are presently leaving our province to find employment, upon completion of their formal education. We have to stop this continuing trend because we are losing a lot of talent.

There has been some great success stories like Sobeys, IMP, Clearwater, Acadian Seaplants to name a few, but I believe the answer really lies with the growth of our SME sector.

I find that there is a reluctance among the owners of our SME manufacturing companies to embrace the marketing potential to export their products via the internet. We live in an excellent geographic position for exporting. I have done extensive marketing research for a number of companies from the comfort of my own home at a fraction of the cost of travel. This information has allowed them to make an informed initial decision on whether to start exporting their products to a larger market. In all cases they have had success.

We have many excellent, unique local products that could be sold to the rest of the world if Nova Scotia SME owners would embrace digital marketing to help grow their businesses. So there is the challenge facing all of us to improve our economy, move foreward with the times.